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Bahia Grass Seed Blend

Bahia grass is a great choice for low-maintenance, sandy areas in the southern United States. While it doesn’t produce the softest turf, it will make an acceptable lawn requiring minimal irrigation and fertilizer. Bahia grass has very few problems with insects or diseases and is ideal for use in erosion control along roadsides and utility areas.

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Price From: $19.43
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    Seeding Rate: 5 lbs/1000 sqft

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    Water Conservation

    Light Green
    Low Water

    First introduced to the United States in the early 1900s, Bahia grass was originally used as a drought-tolerant pasture grass in sandy areas of the southern United States. Since then it’s gained popularity for use in lawns and utility areas thanks to its low water, fertilizer and pesticide requirements.

    Bahia grass is easy to grow from seed and can form an acceptable low-maintenance lawn. Like other warm-season grasses, Bahia grass thrives in the warm summer season and will go dormant in the winter months while greening back up in the spring. It can also be used for pasture and hay production, providing a fair quality forage for cattle and other livestock. When left unmowed it will grow tall seed heads which can be unsightly in lawns. This can be avoided with regular mowing.

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