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Should I Cut Back My Perennials Or Leave Them Uncut for the Winter?

Even though this week marks the official start of winter, many areas of the country have been knee-deep in the white stuff for weeks now. ...

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Frequently Asked Questions About GMOs and Our Seed

It seems no other topic in agriculture is as hotly debated as the subject of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. On one side, GM crops ...

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Colorado Columbine: Our Most Popular Wildflower of 2015

In its fair Western home, may the columbine bloom, till our great mountain rivers run dry. – “Where the Columbines Grow” by A.J. Fynn ...

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Pastured Poultry: What Kind of Forages Should Your Chickens Be Grazing On?

If you’re a regular here at Nature’s Seed, you’ve probably noticed by now that we have a pasture seed blend for just about everything. From ...

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Landscaping Challenges: What to Do About Your Park Strip

Park strip, hell strip, road verge, parkway, utility zone, curb strip, etc. While the area between the sidewalk and road goes by many names, everyone ...

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5 Lawn Alternatives for Dealing with the California Drought

With most of California facing extreme to exceptional drought conditions, the parched land is giving a whole new meaning to the nickname “golden state”. Golden ...

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Converting Your Old Alfalfa Field into a Productive Pasture

Alfalfa may be the “queen of the forages”, but even queens grow old and are eventually superseded. Generally, alfalfa producers can expect at least three ...

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Vile Vine: Field Bindweed Can Be Devastating to Your Lawn, Garden & Pasture

Perhaps no other weed invokes as much disgust throughout America as Convolvulus arvensis – or field bindweed. Also referred to as morning glory, creeping Jenny, ...

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A Look at 2015 Lawn, Garden, and Small Farm Trends

As I stare out my window at the glistening snow-covered landscape today, I can’t help feeling a sense of optimism and hopefulness for the coming ...

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December Lawn and Garden Checklist

On behalf of everyone here at Nature’s Seed, I’d like to thank all our customers for another great year. I hope everyone was successful with ...

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