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6 Ways to Recycle Your Halloween Pumpkins:

6 Ways to Recycle Your Halloween Pumpkins:

Halloween is over and it’s time to switch gears to the Holidays. But what to do with your carefully chosen pumpkins? You spent good ...

How to make a Fairy Garden

How to make a Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are a fun and easy way to get your kids outdoors and involved with gardening! We discuss 3 steps to make your ...

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What is Your Horse Trying to Tell You?

Ever wonder what your horse would tell you if it could talk? With help from Dr. Ben Dixon, DVM, we have some answers as to ...

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The Ultimate Pollinator Seed Guide

Pollinator-friendly seeds can help sequester carbon, manage stormwater, and feed other insects. Click to learn more!

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Popular Bermuda Grass Varieties

Bermuda grass is a popular choice for lawn seed, but did you know there are different varieties to choose from? Click to learn about the ...

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What's the Perfect Time to Plant Lawn Seed?

Contrary to popular belief, Fall is good for more than just pumpkin spice and picking apples!

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Penstemons: Summer's Favorite Flowers

Are these low maintenance summer flowers exactly what you're looking for?

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Not Your Mother's Earth Day Plans

This week marks an extra special Earth Day! It’s Earth Day’s 50th anniversary! With no large festivals or gatherings, we will all have to get ...

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A Guide to Grass Seed Germination

Once new grass seeds are in the ground, the time it takes to them to germinate and sprout up can feel like a watched pot ...

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Keeping it Local with Basil & Rose

We sat down with Basil & Rose store owner, Beuna Tomalino, to talk all things home and gardening.

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The Teeny-Tiny Clover Trend: Does Microclover Live Up to the Hype?

There’s been a lot of talk lately in the gardening world about clover. While clover is certainly nothing new, the buzz has been focused on ...

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How to Kill Weeds and Dandelions in Your Lawn

Before you learn how to kill dandelions, you should know that they’re not entirely unwanted. Certain weeds like dandelions are a beneficial food source for ...

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