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Penstemons: Summer's Favorite Flowers

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Looking for a long-blooming, low maintenance perennial?

Penstemons are at the top of their game when it comes to summer blooms! These foxglove-like wildflowers will fill your garden with different shapes and colors! These blooms will be sure to create a hummingbird and bee-friendly garden!

While Planting Keep in Mind:

Penstemons are not as drought tolerant as cactus but will thrive in desert-like climates. Your seed will do best in well-drained soil. This will include any soils that include sand and gravel. However, you can work around poorly draining soil by planting your seeds on sloped areas.

Blooms with a purple or reddish color will do best when grown in direct sunlight. However, all Penstemons will grow in full sun to part shade.

After flowering is complete, pruning your penstemons will promote new foliage grown for a second flush of blooms. Just make sure that you leave some seed heads for your plant to reseed. Although they are deer and rabbit resistant, they may still be bothered by slugs, snails and spider mites.

We carry 5 of the most adaptable choices for Penstemons!

Find your perfect bloom and start planting!

Rocky Montain Penstemon:

Scientific Name: Penstemon Strictus

This penstemon requires low to moderate watering and prefers full sunlight to partial shade. It’s deep blue-violet flowers bloom May through June. Rocky Mountain Penstemon thrives in rocky to sandy loam soils. It is a highly adaptable wildflower suited for reclamation mixtures or wildflower plantings.

Palmer Penstemon:

Scientific Name: Penstemon Palmeri

This drought-tolerant perennial prefers full sunlight. It produces soft pink flowers that bloom May through July on tall, stout stems. Palmer's Penstemon prefers open, exposed areas such as rocky hillsides, road banks, gravel pits, or gravelly washes. Its basal leaves are semi-evergreen and are palatable to livestock and wildlife during spring and winter. It is recommended for revegetating disturbed sites, especially on limestone soils.

Blue Mountain Penstemon:

Scientific Name: Penstemon rydbergii

Blue Mountain Penstemon requires low to moderate watering and full sun to partial shade. It is a relatively short penstemon and only grows about 8 to 24 inches tall. It produces clusters or whorls of blue-violet funnel-shaped flowers. Frequently occurs on dry mountain slopes in the mid to upper elevations.

Firecracker Penstemon:

Scientific Name: Penstemon Eatonii

Firecracker Penstemon is a very showy wildflower native to the Intermountain West. It has an upright growth habit, reaching heights of one to four feet. It produces tubular flowers of scarlet and red and will bloom from May to June. Firecracker Penstemon is very drought tolerant and prefers well-drained soils in full sun. It is one of the showiest of all Penstemons and makes a great addition to rock gardens and other dry, low-water-use areas.

Parry Penstemon:

Scientific Name: Penstemon Parryi

This wildflower, native to Mexico and southern Arizona, can be found growing on mesa slopes or in desert canyons. Parry Penstemon can get up to three feet tall and produces a tall spike covered in red and pink funnel-shaped flowers. It prefers well-drained soil and full sunlight, although it can handle partial shade. It begins blooming in the spring and lasts throughout the summer. This showy wildflower looks great in rock gardens and in mass plantings.

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