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How to make a Fairy Garden

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When I was little, my first introduction to gardening was through creating tiny fairy gardens in my backyard. I loved putting together little villages in hopes that a few fairies might come to visit. Looking back I can see that my love of plants came from my experience of spending time in the garden believing that each plant held “fairy magic.” I would come home from school everyday and run to the back yard to check on my little fairy town.

Even though I no longer play with fairy gardens, my love for plants has only grown. Fairy gardens are a fun and easy way to get your kids outdoors and involved with gardening!

3 Steps To Create A Fairy Garden:

1. Choose Your Theme:

There isn't one way that a fairy garden should look. It's up to you and your child how your garden should be set up. Does your child have a favorite movie or toy? Tailor your fairy garden to their specific interests or passions. For example, you can make a “dinosaur garden” or design it to showcase your child’s favorite superhero.Your child is sure to go crazy over seeing their favorite story come to life. This will also insure that they will spend their time outside in their garden.


2. Build The Houses:

Once you’ve chosen a theme, you can decide how big you want the fairy garden to be and where you want to put it.

There is no need to buy anything new. In fact, there’s no need to look any further than your own backyard. Things such as twigs, grass, and pinecones can be put together to make your fairy’s houses. And don't forget that you can create almost anything out of recycled materials. Use leftover materials like broken pots or old toys to help put together a unique garden specific to your child.

Just like with a real home, the most important piece to choose is your house’s foundation. Materials that have stood the test of fairy garden time are flower pots, birdboxes, and birdbaths. You can choose any material that will withstand the outside elements and unwelcome animal friends.

3. Make It Interactive:

You can do more with your fairy garden than decorate it. By adding interactive pieces, you can bring the magic alive for your child. Adding movable pieces not only gives your child something to play with but also gives you the opportunity to bring the fairy world to life for your child by moving them around during the night. Think “Elf on the Shelf’ but less time-consuming. However, if that isn’t your style, something as simple as adding twinkling lights can be the perfect addition.

Whatever you chose, an interactive fairy garden is the key to keeping your child’s attention in the garden.

4. Landscape

No fairy garden is complete without some landscaping. The artist Cicely Mary Barker is not only a relative of mine but also famous for her paintings and poems about flower fairies. She gave each flower it’s own fairy and it is those fairies that originally brought gardening to life for me. You can use her work to teach your children about each different flower and then plant some of their favorites in their garden.

One of my favorite parts of gardening with kids is watching how much they learn about patience while watching for the small changes to plants over time. Having a fairy garden not only keeps their attention while they wait for the plants to grow but also allows them the freedom to express their imaginations.

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