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A New Face at Nature's Seed

A New Face at Nature's Seed

Hey folks!

As the seasons begin to change, this blog is changing too. Necessary for growth is change, and here at Nature’s Seed, we have been growing through new and exciting innovations!


First off, I will introduce myself. My name is Halee and I was born and raised in beautiful Utah. I have a strong affection for animals and a great appreciation for the outdoors. I work and attend school full-time. Any free time I have is spent on landscaping, gardening, and cooking. I also love pickling and canning fruits n’ veggies from my garden. And of course cooking with homegrown food definitely tastes the best!

A Little Bit More About Me

Growing up I spent a lot of my time in my grandparent’s garden learning how to prepare soil, plant, and take care of the crops. That bond I shared with my grandparents turned into a lifelong passion of mine. It’s where I relieve stress and find tranquility. A big chunk of my landscaping experience came from working on a crew with an amazing group of women who all shared the same love for working hard, getting dirty, and creating dazzling eye-catching landscapes. The other part of my experience comes from travel and culture and implementing some of those ideas into my own yard, or for a friend or family member.

What to Expect

Throughout this blog, I hope to share relevant, helpful, and fun topics. I will also talk about my bees, share pictures of nature, and occasionally ramble on about my dogs. Probably because they are stealing tomatoes out of my garden. With that being said, I am super excited to be a part of the Nature’s Seed team!

Happy Growing

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