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Introducing the California Collection

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A California Collaboration

We are proud to announce our partnership with some of the most innovative farms and producers on the West Coast. Our ‘California Collection’ is a special collaboration between three unique seed suppliers:  Hedgerow Farms and Pacific Coast Seed supplying our Northern ecotypes and S&S Seeds supplying our Southern ecotype seeds within the state of California. Together, they bring an exclusive assortment of native and locally adapted seeds, all carefully curated to celebrate the unique biodiversity of California. This is our love letter to California and to the conservationists and farmers who have made it possible to provide seeds to everyone throughout California. No matter what their experience level may be!

A Tribute to CaliforniaStairway To Heaven. Big Sur, California, USA

California is home to a diverse range of ecosystems, from the majestic coastal cliffs to the sweeping deserts and towering mountain ranges. Our California Collection pays homage to this natural biodiversity, offering a selection of unique and rare seeds that are perfect for a wide range of projects including ecological restoration and native landscaping.

What is an Ecotype?

An ecotype is a subset of native species that is adapted to local environmental conditions. You can think of ecotypes as the “locals”. For example, a California poppy that grew up in Southern California may have an easier time growing in a drier more arid environment than a California poppy that grew up on the North Coast. When you use ecotypes in your seed projects, you are:

  • Nourishing California’s iconic flora
  • Sustaining the natural environment and enhancing biodiversity
  • Supporting local wildlife and pollinators
  • Contributing to conservation efforts
  • Adapting to environmental changes
  • Aiding erosion control and disaster preparedness

Hedgerow Farms Logo

Hedgerow Farms: California's Premier Native Seed Grower Since 1988

Hedgerow Farms, located in Winters, CA, is a pioneer in the native seed industry and has been dedicated to preserving California’s unique flora for over 35 years. Their contribution to the California Collection includes a stunning array of northern ecotypes from native wildflowers and grasses to legumes. From the iconic California Poppy to the delicate Blue-Eyed Grass, Hedgerow Farms’ distinctive influence will aid in recreating the natural splendor of California’s native landscapes.

Pacific Coast Seed: One-Stop Conservation Seed Serving Northern California Since 1985

Pacific Coast Seed

Pacific Coast Seed, located in Tracy, CA, has been providing seed for erosion and sediment control, restoration, and reclamation, and in the turf and ornamental landscape industries throughout Northern California and Northwest Nevada. They have contributed their unique collection of northern ecotypes from native wildflower mixes and grasses to bioswale mixes. With over three decades in the seed industry, they are recognized as maintaining some of the largest and most diverse inventory of native seeds in California.  

S&S Seeds: Experts in Native and Adapted Plants Since 1975

S&S Seeds

S&S Seeds, located in Carpinteria, CA, has been at the forefront in the use and distribution of low-water, or drought-tolerant, plants. Over the past 50 years, S&S Seeds has been a primary wholesale seed supplier to landscape contractors, government agencies, and seed distributors throughout the United States. S&S Seeds’ extensive wildland collections of native plant seed and their production fields offer more than 1000 different species of native grass, wildflowers, and shrubs for the southern ecotypes of California.

Why Choose the ‘California Collection’?Yosemite Meadow

Preserve California’s Natural Plant History

By using native and adapted seeds from this collection, you are contributing to the preservation of California’s unique ecosystems.

Support Local Seed Producers, Farmers, and Wildland Collectors

When you purchase from the ‘California Collection’, you are supporting local businesses that are deeply committed to preserving and promoting the state’s natural heritage.

Create Your Own Collection

Whether you are a seasoned gardener or just learning what ecotypes are, the ‘California Collection’ makes it easy to transform your outdoor space. Anywhere from a haven for native wildlife, a pollinator garden, a restoration success, to a living piece of California history that pays homage to its native plants, animals, and people.

At Nature’s Seed, we believe in growing your own way. It’s not just about plants, it’s about connecting with nature and fostering biodiversity. The ‘California Collection’, in partnership with Hedgerow Farms, Pacific Coast Seed, and S&S Seeds, is a testament to this belief. We hope you enjoy celebrating this collection more than we enjoyed curating it. Together, we can make California’s landscapes thrive for generations to come.

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