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It's not too late to plant summer crops!

It's not too late to plant summer crops!

Hello all!

 Now that summer is officially here, (as of… today!) you may want to weed that garden and make sure you’re not neglecting it. And for those who just plainly forgot to plant in the spring, don’t you worry, it’s not too late. Here is a list of seeds you can plant right now!

 Here are a few summer season plants:

 1. Green Beans (or string beans)

Beans are also in season to plant in the summer! They come in two varieties: either a bush, which is self-supporting, or climbing varieties that will need a pole or trellis to vine to. Instead of a huge harvest at the end, try a continual 7-10 day sowing of different varieties. This will give you continual bean crops and not one large harvest with potential for waste. 

 2. Beets

Beets planted now will give you a fast, mid-summer harvest. A variety I would suggest is probably the Detroit Dark Red.

3. Cabbage

Cabbage is probably one of the easier plants to grow. Before you plant, make sure you select a variety that is right for your demographic location as well as your garden size. 


4. Carrots

Planting carrots around mid-June yields a late summer crop that will grow in the garden until harvested.Seemingly an easier crop as long as you pay attention to them. 


 5. Herbs

Herbs love the heat! I would suggest basil, oregano, thyme or sage. This harvest makes for a versatile garden!  

 6. Summer Squash

This crop is pretty self-explanatory. Summer squash planted in June will lead to a fresh harvest of squash and zucchini in July and August.(Butternut is a favorite!)


If you want to prepare for the July planting season…

 Consider Broccoli

A popular vegetable that can be planted in July or even into the fall that will produce a November harvest. Calabrese is always one to plant!



Let’s get to growing,



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