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Parents: The Wildflower DIY Kids Love

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Hello all,

Parents, have you been looking for a fun nature-friendly activity to do with your kids? Look no further, for I have found a great way for you to bond with your kids through the great force of creativity and dirty hands.

 I present to you:

 Wildflower seed bombs

 This easy do-it-yourself (aka DIY,) is a popular trend that includes the fun aspect of the outdoors and incorporates the beauty and satisfaction of growing your own wildflowers.

 Before you get started, research the seed species that you want to put in your flower bombs. Ensure that this species is native to your geographic location, so that it will thrive in the environment you plant it in.

 You will need:

  •  Construction Paper
  • A food Processor
  • Wildflower Seeds
  • Silicone Mold

To begin, you will need to tear the construction paper into little pieces. Choose colors that represent floral growth! (such as, purple, pink, yellow, etc.) Make sure you keep the colors separate. Two full pieces of construction paper makes about four seed bombs.

 Next, soak the pieces in a bowl full of water for about 20 minutes. After, drain most of the water off the paper and blend the pieces in the food processor.

Once the pieces are blended, put the chunk of paper in a tight strainer and push the paper with your fist until it is completely drained of water.

Next, you’ll want to take the blended paper and press some into each section of the silicone mold. In this case, the artist used heart shaped molds.

Then, take the wildflower seed of your choosing and sprinkle it onto the paper that you pressed into the mold. Ensure that when you sprinkle the seed onto the processed paper, you try to keep it in the middle of the mold and away from the edges. This will keep your seed bomb secure.

The next step is to cover the seed pile with more processed paper to sandwich the seeds in.

Let the seed bombs sit to dry overnight.

Once they are dry, carefully pop them out of the molds.

Now you can give them out as gifts or plant where you wish!


Let’s get to growing,




Thank you to the Kid and Kin blog for the inspiration and direction!

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