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What's the Perfect Time to Plant Lawn Seed?

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Fall is more than pumpkin spice, picking apples and sweaters. It’s also the very best time to seed your lawn!

Why Does Timing Matter?

Your grass will grow faster and stronger if you plant during your seed’s most active growth periods. Ease type of lawn seed varies in growth cycles depending on their regional climate preferences. Cool-season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass seeds grow most actively during this time of the year. When timed correctly, your seeds will germinate quickly and be put on the best track possible for long-term lawn success.

What’s So Special About Fall?

The Fall season comes with the perfect mix of warm soil and cool air. Paired with fertilization, this combination allows for the growth of newer, stronger roots. This results in a greener and thicker lawn come springtime. Newly planted seeds need your soil to be consistently moist. Thankfully, Fall brings more precipitation so the chance of your seeds drying out diminishes greatly!

How Do I Know Exactly When To Plant?

Keep an eye out for when temperatures are between 50 and 65 degrees fahrenheit. This is the perfect time to plant your seeds. In general, as long as you plant 45 days before the estimated date of the first fall frost, your timing will be perfect.

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