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Bermudagrass Seed

Bermuda grass seeds (Cynodon dactylon) mature into an extremely popular warm-season and sod-forming grass. They are frequently used for home lawns, golf courses, parks and sports fields. Bermuda is a low water grass species. They are an excellent choice for almost any turf situation in the Southern US because they have a high tolerance for traffic. In recent years, more cold-tolerant varieties of Bermudagrass seeds have been developed which allow it to be seeded into cooler areas farther north.

Additional Information

Bermuda grass is very durable. Fast spreading shoots and rhizomes help it recover quickly from foot-traffic injuries. Its durability makes it an ideal choice for high traffic areas and yards with children and dogs. It will even out-compete weeds that can survive with other types of grass. This durability also means that they can spread when unmanaged. You can control spreading with regular edging or hand-rouging until the unwanted roots are killed.

A Warm Season Species

Bermudagrass seed should be planted sometime between late-May and July during summer’s warmest temperatures. The species is not tolerant of shade. It thrives on a wide variety of soil types when receiving full-sun. It keeps its green color year-round in tropical regions but will quickly brown when temperatures drop in more moderate areas.

We Provide the Best Quality

The quality of your seed blends and mixes is so important and it can be difference between your grass growing and its health. That is why we take every step necessary to ensure that our products maintain the very best level of quality. We have a seven point checklist that determines the best quality for our products and ensures that you will be absolutely satisfied with your Bermuda grass blends and mixes.

For best performance, mow your Bermuda lawn to a height of ½” – 2”.

Note: Due to legal prohibitions, Bermuda grass seed cannot be shipped-to or planted-in the state of Utah (with the exception of Washington County, UT).

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