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Buffalograss Seed

Buffalograss seeds are one of a few grass species indigenous to North America that is regularly used for home lawns. Our Buffalograss mix produces a fine-textured, sod-forming perennial. Buffalo grass matures into a soft and uniform lawn with impressive tolerance to heat, drought and cold.

Additional Information

Buffalo grass is a warm-season grass. It thrives and is greenest during the hottest months of the summer. One great benefit is that your lawn will not require frequent irrigation during the summer. The flipside is that buffalograss seed lawns remain dormant longer in the winter and will “brown-down” earlier in the fall. If this is an acceptable trade-off for you, buffalo grass’s practicality and beauty cannot be beat during the summer.

Lawn Conditions for Buffalograss

This species may thin in shaded areas. Buffalograss seed tolerates a wide variety of poor soil conditions. Buffalograss will benefit from fertilization though it requires little, if any. This is a slow growing species that is great for low-water and low-mow benefits, but is less suitable for high traffic lawns with kids and dogs. This is especially true when it is dormant.

Establishing a new lawn from scratch with buffalograss seed can take time to fill-in completely. It may also require some overseeding and patience after the initial application while the lawn fills in evenly. Buffalo grass can also be un-mowed (or mowed infrequently) for a “naturalized” lawn, creating a rugged and wild “meadow” appearance.

Why Nature's Seed?

Quality is an absolute priority for us. We strive to find the best and highest quality patented varieties of buffalograss seed to ensure the very best quality for you and your lawn. We factor in multiple quality characteristics that must be met in order for seeds to be included in our mixes. We know you will be absolutely satisfied.

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