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Kentucky Bluegrass lawn
Grass on a sunny dayIf you have a fescue grass seed lawn, it is important to distinguish whether you it is a Tall fescue grass or a Fine fescue grass, because each will have different requirements. If you are unsure as to how to distinguish between the two, please refer to our grass seed guides.

Turf-type Tall fescue grass does grow better than other grass seed types in shade, but it also need partial sunlight to look its best. If all areas of your lawn can get some direct sunlight for a least part of the day, then this variety is a great option, and will easily handle both shade and sun. Take a look at our 100% Tall fescue grass seed, Triple-Play Blend, here. This variety is able to tolerate traffic and heat as well as resist disease, and does not need as frequent watering.

If, however, you are looking to plant a lawn in a fully shaded area, then the fescue seed for you is Fine fescue grass seed. This variety needs full or at least partial shade, but will not do well in direct sunlight. Use our Fine Fescue Turfgrass Blend to grow a beautiful lawn under a large oak tree or awning. Not only will it be shade tolerant, but the Fine Fescue Turfgrass Blend will not need as frequent watering and can endure poor soil types better than other varieties.

It is important to remember that both varieties are cool-season seed types, and will become brown if exposed to too much sun and heat. If your lawn area is fully exposed to sun but you still like the look and feel of fescue grass, you could try planting some trees or shrubbery to create the shady environment it prefers. Enjoy your fescue grass lawn for relaxation and recreation in shade and sun.

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