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Kentucky Bluegrass Seed: Blue Ribbon Mix

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Growing Region:
Full Sun to Partial Shade
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High Traffic Lawn
Sports Field


Dark Green

High Water
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Our Blue Ribbon Mix is the clear choice when only the best will do. Only top-rated varieties make it into this mix, creating a genetically superior cool-season turf with a fine-bladed texture, deep green color, and unmatched traffic tolerance. Ideal for residential lawns, parks, and sports fields in the northern half of the United States.

Product Specifications:

Seeding Rate: 5 lbs. / 1000ft²

80% Kentucky Bluegrass (4 elite varieties)
20% Perennial Ryegrass (2 elite varieties)

Kentucky bluegrass is an excellent choice when you want greener grass and a lush lawn. But once mixed with the perennial ryegrass, you get the benefits of both: the color and texture of bluegrass and the fast growth and cold tolerance of ryegrass.

And with the right growing conditions and proper care, this grass seed mix brings about a thriving, dense, and durable lawn that lives up to its reputation.

Why is Kentucky bluegrass seed mixed with the perennial ryegrass grass seed?

This seed blend is:

  • One of the best choices for cool-season lawns
  • Most adaptable for North American lawns that experience four seasons
  • Provides high resilience to winter weather
  • Has the capability to self-repair and cover bare spots
  • Offers enhanced shade tolerance due to the mixed seed composition

This seed mix does require maintenance, but the results of planting Kentucky bluegrass with perennial ryegrass are worth it.

While Kentucky bluegrass brings quality and color, the perennial ryegrass enhances the versatility of the grass, providing shade tolerance, fast-greening color, and the ability to grow a lush, durable lawn with ease.

This bluegrass seed mix is excellent for families with pets, as it’s tolerant of foot traffic. It also doesn’t need constant fertilization. The Blue Ribbon Mix is suitable for all active northern lawns, including athletic fields and golf courses.

Explore our premium-quality grass seed to make the perfect choice for your lawn.


Why Choose Our Kentucky Bluegrass Seed Mix?

Extensive Research for Over Twenty Years

We have poured years into developing our Kentucky bluegrass seed mix. You’ll benefit from decades of hands-on experience, research, and customer feedback when you choose this seed to grow a new lawn.


Premium Product,

Our twenty-year product development journey led to an exceptional grass seed blend. You can plant the finest Kentucky bluegrass ryegrass mix.

We’ve found that this grass seed combination yields the highest quality genetic color and texture while reducing the need for constant fertilizing.

By using this combination, we take advantage of the unique strengths of both grass types. The ryegrasses proliferate quickly, while the slower-growing bluegrasses come in later to provide the lawn's fantastic color and feel.


Perfect for All Active Northern Lawns

Our ‘Blue Ribbon' Kentucky Bluegrass Seed blend is the most popular seed mix we offer. It's ideal for residential lawns, sports turf, high-traffic areas, and new lawns where children and pets play outside.

This seed mix performs best in the northern regions of the United States, from northern California to Illinois and New York.


Helping Your Kentucky Bluegrass Seeds Blend Thrive

The Blue Ribbon Mix comprises a unique mix of 80% Kentucky Bluegrass (four elite varieties) and 20% perennial ryegrass (two elite varieties). Individually, the Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass have benefits and shortcomings.

However, when combined, the grasses complement each other, reducing their inadequacies and strengthening their benefits.

Perennial ryegrass is established faster than Kentucky bluegrass. As a result, perennial ryegrass helps the lawn grow more quickly.

At the same time, the slower-growing Kentucky bluegrass comes in later to provide an attractive dark emerald green color with a blue hue and to fill in bare patches. These seeds together grow grass thicker, leading to a stunning, lush, and resilient lawn.

Kentucky bluegrass seed is known to have only moderate shade tolerance, but that’s not the case with perennial ryegrass. Additionally, Kentucky bluegrass thrives in full sun.

A grass seed mix with the highly shade-tolerant perennial ryegrass ensures that the slow-growing Kentucky bluegrass survives and thrives in light shade and cooler areas. As a result, you enjoy a more durable lawn.

Essentially, the Blue Ribbon Mix establishes a resilient lawn, which is necessary for active northern lawns. The product has been specifically designed to withstand the weather conditions of the northern half of the US.

While summers are lovely, the northern states, such as Montana, Pennsylvania, and the Dakotas, experience harsh winters with heavy snowfall. The Blue Ribbon Mix lawn can withstand these conditions and will go dormant when temperatures drop dramatically, resurfacing when springtime rolls around.

This quality mix is excellent for well-trafficked lawns such as children and pet play areas, residential lawns, sports turf, and schools. The perennial ryegrass is drought-resistant and can withstand heavy foot traffic, protecting the slow-growing bluegrass seed.

In addition, perennial ryegrass is fast-growing, thickens your lawn, and repairs dead patches within a short time. As a result, the quality of your lawn remains unmatched.

Our elite Blue Ribbon Kentucky Bluegrass Seed blend offers the best of both worlds. Specifically cultivated to withstand wear and handle extended drought, our seed mix helps you grow a healthy, vibrant blue-green lawn.


The Right Season for Growing a Healthy Lawn with a Kentucky Bluegrass Seed Mix

On its own, Kentucky Bluegrass should be planted in the fall or spring, while perennial ryegrass thrives when planted in late summer (or early fall) or early spring. The best season for the Blue Ribbon Mix germination is in early spring. You may also plant during late fall.

Both seeds thrive at a depth of ¼ to ⅛ inches in the ground.

The optimal soil pH for Kentucky bluegrass is between 6 and 7. The perennial ryegrass needs a pH of between 5.5 and 7.5. Consequently, soil pH between 6 and 7 offers the best long-term results for the Blue Ribbon Mix.

Perennial ryegrass germinates in five to 14 days, providing much-needed ground cover and soil stabilization as you wait for the Kentucky bluegrass, which takes longer to germinate—about 21 to 28 days.

You’ll notice that a month after planting, your lawn changes from plain green to a beautifully unique dark emerald green to blue-green color, courtesy of the Kentucky bluegrass seed.

To grow your lawn quicker, you need to:

  • Water daily
  • Enhance soil health using inoculants, seed spreaders, and soil stabilizers
  • Add mulch to keep the soil surface moist and healthy


Grow Your Own Premium Quality Kentucky Bluegrass

If you live in the northern half of the US, you’ll want to plant grass seed with excellent winter hardiness to ensure your lawn can withstand cooler winters and thrive during the lovely summers.

The Blue Ribbon Mix, a seed blend of 80% Kentucky bluegrass and 20% perennial ryegrass, is a premium-quality blend designed to perform in areas that see all four seasons.

Order your own Kentucky bluegrass seed blend today, or talk to us to learn more about choosing the best grass for your lawn. With over two decades of experience, you can count on our experts to help you get the perfect grass seed for your needs!

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