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Types of Grass Seed

We have a large variety of grass seed types to choose from, ranging from grass species selected for their beauty and texture for the picture perfect lawn to species designed for high traffic, low maintenance or drought resistant lawns. Below you will find a link to each of our grass seed blends, so you can find the type of grass seed that perfectly suits your needs.

Finding the Right Grass Seed Type for your Lawn If you need help deciding which species is right for you, there are some helpful tips below. You can also find more detailed information in our resource guides that covers planting, watering and other important items.

The first thing to do when selecting a species for your lawn is to identify your region and climate. Lawn grasses are broken down into two main categories, which are warm season and cool season. Cool season grasses thrive in cooler temperatures, but they require a lot of water to maintain their appearance in hot summer temperatures. Warm season grasses are much more heat tolerant, but they tend to brown over and go dormant once the temperatures drop.

Once you have selected a species based on your climate, you can select the best grass seed type based on what you want to do with your lawn. We have prepared our blends of 100% high quality seeds to meet a wide range of requirements.

For the warm season grasses, we offer three different types All three are generally drought tolerant, since they form deep root systems, and they actually require a great deal of sunlight. Our Zoysia and Bermuda seeds generally withstand moderate to heavier foot traffic, while the Buffalo grass is the most drought tolerant of our warm season species.

Our cool season grasses are selected to meet a variety of needs. We have quick growing species such as perennial ryegrass to quickly establish beautiful lawns, drought and shade tolerant species of tall and fine fescue, and of course Kentucky bluegrass for that classic lawn look and texture. We have also prepared several grass seed blends of different species to obtain the best of each species to meet your specific requirements.

Nature’s Seed provides the best quality with no filler products, and we are sure you will find exactly the right grass seed to establish a beautiful, healthy lawn.

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