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Perennial Ryegrass Seed

Perennial Ryegrass seed is a quick-growing, cool-season bunch grass used across North America for home lawns, athletic fields and golf courses. This species is used in the Southwestern United States for overseeding warm-season lawns during cooler winter months. Perennial ryegrass seed makes a resilient home lawn able to withstand children and pet traffic quite well. We offer several perennial ryegrass seed blends that combine ryegrass seeds with seed from other species to provide the best lawn appearance and versatility.

Additional Information

Perennial ryegrass seed is one of the quickest growing types of grass. This species is often included in lawn mixes with other species because it germinates so quickly. In these mixes, newly germinated seeds “nurse” the slower establishing species, compete with common weeds and slow topsoil erosion caused by wind and sprinkler irrigation. Perennial ryegrass can also be used to overseed existing lawns in need of a beautifying "touch-up."

Environmental Preferences

This species prefers full-sun but is not tolerant of extreme heat. In general, ryegrasses are best adapted to moist, cool environments with well-drained, fertile soils. These are places where neither winter or summer temperatures are extreme. Ryegrass has a low drought tolerance and must be irrigated during hot, dry periods. Daily watering during peak summer temperatures is not unusual. Newer varieties are bred to have greater cold tolerance, traffic tolerance, disease resistance, longevity, finer texture, increased density, darker color and better mowing qualities.

Best Quality Ryegrass Seed

Nature's Finest Seed uses a seven point checklist to qualify the seed that makes it into our blends and mixes. We do this because quality is so important in every step of a grass seed's life cycle. We seek out the best performance from "golf-grade" varieties because we know this give your lawn the best health and appearance.

For best performance, mow your Perennial ryegrass lawn to a height of approximately 1½ -2” to prevent “stemmy” growth.

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