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How Much Sun Does a Perennial Ryegrass Seed Lawn Require

Sun and shade on lawn Perennial ryegrass is a temperate grass species—that means it will not react favorably to either extremely hot summers or extremely cold winters. Instead, perennial ryegrass prefers a happy medium between the two. The same philosophy goes for extreme sun and complete shade.

Perennial ryegrass seeds will not grow well in fully shaded areas, so if you are intent on growing a perennial ryegrass lawn you will have to make some drastic changes to your landscaping. But if your lawn enjoys partial shade, and all areas have the opportunity to receive direct sunlight at some point during the day, then perennial ryegrass can flourish for you.

Perennial ryegrass prefers constant direct sunlight, so long as the temperatures are moderate. If you live somewhere where summers are scorching, your ryegrass lawn will quickly turn brown. Otherwise, it will need daily watering to keep it green. Our recommendation is to choose perennial ryegrass seeds for a mild, gentle climate so that your lawn looks its best. Our blend has a high tolerance to salt and the ability to resist diseases such as grey-leaf spot. It will also grow more quickly, so you don’t have to wait as long to enjoy your new lawn. We also have several blends that include rye grass seed with other varieties to create maximum adaptability to different shade environments and weather conditions.

If you need more guidance as to which grass seed is right for you, please read our several guides on the different grass varieties by navigating the tabs at the top of this page.

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