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Zoysia Grass Seed

Zoysia grass seed is a warm season grass species that forms an extremely drought tolerant lawn due to its deep root system, and it will respond quickly to irrigation after a prolonged dry spell. Zoysia grass has a fine texture and forms a thick mat once it is established, although it can take a year or two for a zoysia lawn to be fully established due to its very slow growth rates. Because of these properties, established zoysia lawns do well for home lawns and hold up well under heavier traffic, including for lower impact sport fields, although the slower growth rates mean it may not recover as quickly for high impact sports fields such as football or soccer.

Additional Information

As noted above, zoysia grass is extremely drought tolerant and it also has a high tolerance for foot traffic, so it can be ideal for a yard in southern regions with children or pets. It grows in a variety of soil conditions, from clay to sandy, although it does require adequate drainage. Zoysia grass seed prefers full sunlight, but it will tolerate some shade. Because it is a warm-season grass, it will go dormant when temperatures drop. Zoysia is resistant to disease, and because it has a tendency to accumulate thatch, and will need consistent aeration treatments to expose the roots to oxygen, and it does require regular fertilization. While it does grow slowly, it is considered an aggressive species and it is recommended that steps are taken to confine it within its designated areas.

Quality is Key

Homeowners would benefit from knowing that the quality of seed is a major factor in the germination, health and beauty of your lawn. That is why we ensure all our seed meets our 7 point test for quality control. This means you are getting the best quality seed mixes for your lawn and yard.

For best performance, mow your zoysia grass lawn to a height of approximately 0.75–2”.

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