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Alpaca/Llama Pastures

Llamas and alpacas are special creatures known for their gentle, intelligent nature. It’s no wonder those who raise llamas and alpacas desire nothing but the best forage for their animals. Llamas and alpacas have digestive systems similar to other ruminants and are well suited for grazing on pasture grass. Because of their unique mouth shape and grazing style, llamas and alpacas prefer shorter, denser grasses. They also tend to favor soft, leafy grasses over “stemmy” pasture grass. Our team of rangeland experts has designed an alpaca/llama pasture seed mix for every region of the United States. The following considerations were made during the design process for each regional blend:

  • Environmental elements such as soil conditions, sun/shade preferences and heat tolerances
  • Genetic attributes such as nutrient content, grazing tolerance and disease resistance
  • Water requirements
Our alpaca/llama pasture grass seed blends contain a large percentage of soft, leafy grasses such as orchardgrass, brome and bluegrass. In southern regions, bermudagrass is the dominant species in our blends. Each seed mix is designed to provide your llamas and alpacas with palatable, nutrient-dense forage.

As members of the camelid family, alpacas and llamas have very efficient digestive systems. Pure grass diets are usually adequate to meet their nutritional needs. While a small amount of legumes such as clover can be beneficial to lactating females and for increasing soil fertility, they aren't necessary in alpaca and llama pastures. If you would like to add a legume, we recommend White Clover or Red Clover at a seeding rate of 1 pound per acre.

Whether you’re raising llamas and alpacas for their fiber, packing abilities, or just for fun, you can’t go wrong with our blends.

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