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Bison Pastures

Bison meat is quickly becoming the dish of choice for many consumers – and for good reason. It tastes very similar to beef, but contains less fat and cholesterol. With an increasing demand for American buffalo, ranchers and producers are looking for ways to increase their herds, while at the same time focusing on the health and quality of their bison.

At Nature’s Seed, we understand that bison have unique adaptations and needs when it comes to forage selection. Our team of experts developed a bison forage seed blend for every region based on research and consultation with bison producers around the country. These blends contain a generous amount of high-yielding, palatable forage grasses, as well as alfalfa. Unlike other ruminant animals, bison are able to graze higher amounts of alfalfa without risking bloat. Not only do the higher amounts of alfalfa provide additional protein and nutrients, it also acts as a natural fertilizer and can help cut back on annual nitrogen applications.

Help your bison herd reach its full potential with our bison forage seed blends.

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