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Goat Pastures

Despite popular belief, goats will not eat everything in sight. The image people tend to have of a goat eating a tin can is inaccurate. However, thanks to their unique mouths and lips they are able to graze plants that other animals cannot. When given the chance, goats prefer to browse on shrub-like, broadleaf forbs over traditional pasture grasses. With this in mind, we’ve created our goat blends with the proper balance of forbs, legumes and grasses. Our team of rangeland experts has designed a goat pasture seed mix for every region of the United States. The following considerations were made during the design process for each regional blend:

  • Environmental elements such as soil conditions, sun/shade preferences and heat tolerances
  • Genetic attributes such as nutrient content, grazing tolerance and disease resistance
  • Water requirements

Included in our goat blends are forbs designed not only to provide maximum nutrition content, but also to reduce internal parasites. Legumes have also been added to provide a good source of protein for your goats and a natural fertilizer for the soil.

Variety is the key in these blends, as goats are prone to wander from plant to plant and prefer a wide assortment of grasses, forbs and legumes. Whether you’re raising goats for meat, milk, or just for fun, our goat specific pasture blends are sure to provide your animals with all their needs.

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