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White Sweet Clover


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Price From: $6.38
  • Product Specifications:

    Seeding Rate: 15 lbs. / Acre

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    Full Sun To Partial Shade
    Est Rate:



    3' - 5'


    Food Plot
    Green Manure
    Cover Crop



    Low Water
    White sweet clover is very similar to yellow sweet clover, but produces white flowers instead of yellow flowers. Also has a slightly different bloom time. White sweet clover is a biennial broadleaf legume introduced from Asia. Considered a weed for many years, today white sweet clover is valued as a green manure, forage legume and honey plant. Can grow up to five feet tall during its second year. White sweet clover is very adaptable and can be found growing in a wide range of conditions. Very drought tolerant. Can become invasive in some areas. It can be cut for hay, included in pastures or used to improve soil.

    Scientific Name: Melilotus alba

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