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Pasture Seed Blend Types

There’s nothing more iconic to our agricultural heritage than the image of livestock grazing a beautiful, green pasture. Pasture grazing not only represents the cornerstone of American agriculture, it also provides a tried-and-true method of keeping our animals healthy and productive. Today, raising animals on pasture forage has become more popular than ever as a new generation of farmers and hobbyists rediscover how pasture-based agriculture benefits the producer, the animal, and the environment.

Here at Nature’s Seed, we understand that when it comes to pastures, one size does not fit all. Each type of animal has a unique grazing style, palate and nutritional need. With this in mind, our team of experts has developed animal-specific pasture blends for every region of the country. These blends have been formulated to help your animals achieve their full potential and are based on the latest research conducted by land-grant universities, animal scientists, agronomists, and livestock producers. Climate conditions have also been carefully considered, helping to ensure a successful pasture establishment.

Our pasture seed undergoes thorough quality controls including custom cleaning followed by purity and viability testing performed by independent seed laboratories. We have selected only the best performing forage varieties, and all cultivars are non-GMO and endophyte-free.

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