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Poultry Pastures

Pastures are for the birds – literally. The benefits of raising chickens on pasture forage are well known to both full-time poultry producers and backyard chicken hobbyist alike. Pasture-raised chickens require little initial investment, help improve soil fertility, provide eggs rich in vitamins and omega-3s, eat pesky insects, and offer a sustainable approach to meat production.

To be beneficial to poultry, pastures should be naturally low-growing and rich with legumes and other forbs. Grasses are of little value to chickens when it comes to edibility. Here at Nature’s Seed, we’ve collaborated with poultry producers from around the country to bring you the best possible mix of legumes and forbs that produce abundant seed and attract tasty insects. We’ve also included common flax in all our poultry blends; a well-known source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Our Poultry Pasture Blends are easy to establish and will return year after year. Ideal for large acreages or small backyard plots, they can also be used as cover crop. In dry climates these blends should be irrigated for best results.

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