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Rice Hulls

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Rice hulls are the hard outer covering, or husk, of the rice kernel. They are formed of silica and lignin, and are indigestible to humans. However, they have many uses within the agricultural industry. When mixed with seed, rice hulls help:

Ensure a more uniform coverage when seeding a mixture of different sized seeds.

Slow the rate of seed being applied by a seed drill.

Prevent bridging of fluffy seeds in the drill.

Rice hulls weigh nine pounds per bushel. Use standard calibration techniques for determining the settings of your seeding equipment. There are many other uses for rice hulls besides their application during seeding. Here are just a few:

Rice hulls make an excellent substrate for gardening, especially in hydroponic systems.

Rice hulls can be used for animal bedding or litter in poultry and other animal operations.

Rice hulls absorb liquid and can provide an anti-skid surface.

Rice hulls can be used as insulation.

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