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Southwest Semi-Arid Steppe Horse Forage Blend

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Price From: $73.53
  • Product Specifications:

    Seeding Rate: 20 lbs. / Acre

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    Full Sun To Partial Shade
    Est Rate:



    6'' to 4'


    Food Plot



    Medium Water
    We’ve designed a horse pasture blend designed to thrive in the Southwest Semi-Arid Steppe region. Since this region is not quite wet enough to support a forest and not dry enough to be considered a desert, we understand the pastures you grow must be carefully designed to flourish in this type of environment common in Texas and New Mexico. This blend features aggressive species that can tolerate heavy grazing and varied temperatures. Palatable and nutrient dense, this blend will keep your horses happy and healthy.

    This blend produces a pasture that will contain approximately:

    • 30% Bermudgrass
    • 20% Weeping Lovegrass
    • 20% Crested Wheatgrass
    • 20% Tall Fescue (endophyte free)
    • 10% White Dutch Clover

    In an effort to help our customers visualize the finished product, note that the percentages listed above are what you can expect the stand to contain once established. For the contents of this seed blend by weight, please contact us to request a digital copy of the seed tag.

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