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Big Game Food Plot Blends

For sportsmen looking to gain an advantage during the hunting season, big game food plots are an excellent strategy. Food plots are one of the best ways to promote healthier herds and attract more game. They’re especially valuable for helping big game express their full antler-growing potential, especially in areas with limited natural forage.

The success behind our big game food plots is variety. Big game animals, such as deer, prefer to browse on multiple plant types. We’ve included only the most popular and beneficial cereal grains, legumes, forbs and brassicas. Our big game food plots are high in protein and have been designed specifically for your climate. The variety of forage found in our big game food plots also ensures the longest grazing period possible.

Give yourself an advantage while improving the quality of your herds with our big game food plots. Ideal for deer, elk and other big game.

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