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Erosion Control Blends

Day after day, year after year the natural forces of wind, water and gravity work to erode away your land. And unfortunately, soil is disappearing much faster than it’s being replaced. Each year in the United States, the impact of soil erosion costs the nation around $37 billion in productivity losses. But it’s not just a problem for farmers and landowners. Deadly landslides, air and water pollution, ruined landscapes and rising food costs are problems we all face as a result of soil erosion.

Erosion control after a wildfire is especially critical. The roots of grasses, shrubs, and trees act as an anchor to hold soils in place and “knit” them together. Remove these anchor plants, such as during a wildfire, and you remove this anchoring and increase the possibilities of major flooding and landslides.

We’ve developed our Erosion Control Seed Blends to help farmers, landowners and governments with a quick, lasting solution to erosion. Our blends will provide the fastest establishment possible while at the same time knitting together the soil to prevent future erosion. These regional specific blends are adapted to every climate found throughout the United States, and can also be used for livestock and wildlife forage.

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