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Upland Game Food Plot Blends

Want bigger, meatier birds? Food plots are an excellent way to provide a consistent, reliable source of food throughout the season. Having a tough time finding game birds? Food plots help to establish a predictable pattern of movement, a factor that comes in handy during hunting season. They’re also great for enhancing game bird habitat and increasing populations.

We’ve designed our Upland Game Bird Food Plot Blends to provide turkeys, pheasants and other upland game birds with the most desirable forage available. Variety is the key to success when it comes to food plots, and our blends contain a range of heavy seed-producing forages including cereal grains, millets, sorghums, legumes and forbs. Each blend has also been formulated with your specific climate in mind.

Give yourself an advantage this hunting season while providing food and habitat for your local upland game birds.

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