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Wildfire Resistant Blends

There’s nothing more devastating to home and land owners than the destruction of a wildfire. Each year wildfires cause billions of dollars in damage, contribute to extensive erosion and occasionally even kill.

The first principle in developing a wildfire-resistant property is the concept of defensible space. The defensible space is the area between your property and the oncoming wildfire. It’s the area where firefighters will work to defend and where you have the most control in slowing or stopping the wildfire’s progress. Since all wildfires need fuel (plant materials) to burn, the defensible space should be low in fuel and planted with materials that burn poorly.

Our Wildfire Resistant Blends have been designed to slow or even stop the progress of a wildfire. These blends consist of plant materials that remain green throughout the summer, are low-growing and resistant to fire.

For best results, strive for a defensible space of at least 30 feet in all directions from the property you’d like to protect. Maintaining a defensible space of at least 30 feet with an additional wildfire-resistant area 70 feet beyond that offers the best chance of your property coming away from a wildfire unharmed.

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