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"We own two miniature donkeys, a donkey, and an old goat. Their hillside pasture has never maintained a good growth of vegetation. I planted Natures Seed Perennial Ryegrass last winter and within a few short weeks had a hillside covered with green grass that stayed green all winter and through spring. All our critters enjoy being able to graze during the colder months when all other grasses become dormant. Thanks for selling quality products!"

Lyle Roetemeyer

"We had a lot of questions about what to order and the customer service rep was very patient and helpful! With their advice, we ordered the Great Plains Sheep Forage Blend and broadcast seeded it on the bare soil in February. The seed took hold and we saw the grass and clover come up in the spring but it was the vast purple blooms of the chicory that took our breath away! I will be purchasing more seed for chicken and bee forage next!!"

Tim Peloquin

"My husband and I moved onto our horse property a year ago, it was a brown muddy mess. I knew I wanted a good mixture of seed to put out on the pasture but it was difficult to find anything local. After only one year of seeding with Nature's Seed Horse blend we had the loveliest green pasture with very happy healthy horses, I didn't even have to add forage in the form of hay. I go to Nature's Seed for all of our pasture and gardening needs first."

Kerry Decker

"Our family chose Nature's Seed to refurbish our yard this summer. Not only did they support us through customer service, guiding us to make the right choices about the type of seed and the quantity we needed for the project, but also by being prompt and responsive throughout the process. The seed itself grew quickly and has already started to make our shady yard feel thick and full in a way we have never seen, despite having only been seeded a couple of months ago."

Danielle Petersen

"I purchased the Grass seed for Tortoise Grazing and the White Dutch Clover and was seriously impressed with the results!!!! In just over 2 weeks we have thick, plush grass and clovers for our Tortoise to graze on with minimal effort on our part. Extremely happy with this product and will keep buying and recommending to others! "

Jenna Matarazzo

Items 1 to 5 of 41 total

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