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We have thousands of happy customers! We like to think of ourselves as a leader in the community, and we thank you for trusting us as your seed provider.

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"This fall I purchased a 500 sq. ft. bag of your Sun & Shade blend for spot seeding. It has germinated as advertised, is filling in beautifully and, assuming it survives the winter, was a great purchase. I am very pleased so far by the results."
Ron Thornton
"I live in the Pacific Northwest and bought the bee pasture blend...I love it, the bees love it, and my chickens love it. Coming back for more and some other blends. I would highly recommend these products. Thank you!"
Brian Huggins
"This past early spring we planted our backyard with your Triple-Play Tall Fescue Grass Seed Mix. Due to early cool weather it took some time to take off. Now it's fall and our backyard is lush and green. Very few weeds. Midsummer and fall fertilizer and weed treatment. Beautiful! Highly recommend!"
Scott Cole Homeowner
"Excellent site. Thank you for this great option to purchase seed. I will be using this to help in our new venture to establish a new pasture area from a neglected field. "
Wallace Zurakowski Property Owner
"Thank you for excellent products and service.... I have always been a "brand animal" and loyal to the ones I trust. After much reading and searching I chose your company to fill my "growing" needs. You've obviously put much time and care into what you do, and it shows, in the feedback and the product that I have now used twice. I look forward to the spring, and have a list of wildflower, pollinator, and other seeds that I'll be anxious to receive."
Peter Paulette Property Owner
" I truly appreciate your customer service and the quality of your products. Thank you again."
Kathy Lucken Homeowner
"I am so happy I found your website. I've sent my gardening friends the link to your site. Your prices are great."
Angela Celeste Gardener
"I am a beekeeper in South Carolina and I recently purchased the Southern Subtropics Honey Bee Pasture Blend. Thank you!! I love this stuff. I just made my third order. I've been sending samples and recommendations to all my beekeeping friends. It is growing fast and strong."
Clayton Ingram Beekeeper
"We love the seeds we ordered for our honeybees, they are such a beautiful variety of color! Thanks so much. "
Jill Montgomery Beekeeper
"We buy a lot of seed and the only supplier I consider purchasing from is the experts at Nature's Seed."
Jim Gish Pest Control Foreman Brigham Young Universit

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