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Individual Wildflower Species

From the stunning poppy fields of the West Coast to the exquisite meadows of black-eyed Susans in the East, America is a treasure trove of wildflowers. We want to bring that wild beauty to your home landscape. Our individual wildflower seed packets are perfect for all your needs, whether it be a small planter box, a splash of color for your front yard, or a wide open field. These pure seeds are a great way to pick and choose exactly what type of wildflowers you want to plant. No fillers or unwanted species, just high quality seed for the most beautiful wildflowers nature has to offer.

Many of our wildflower species are native to the U.S. while others have been introduced and naturalized. We custom produce or hand collect many of the species we offer, ensuring reliable supplies of the highest quality wildflower seed. Planting instructions are included with all our seed blends.

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