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Individual Wildflower Species

Choose Wildflower Seed Varieties that Belong

From the hearty Arizona Lupine to the cheery and charming Desert Marigold, experience the difference that wildflower seeds can make to your garden, property, or even a land restoration project. Nature’s Seed’s premier-quality wildflowers will thrive no matter where you live. Customized and chosen for specific soil types, sun conditions, watering needs, and varying climates across the country, Nature’s Seed’s unique selection of annual and perennial wildflower seed allows you to choose the suitable individual species for your region carefully.

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  1. African Daisy Dimorphotheca sinuata
    As low as $26.54
  2. Arizona Lupine Lupinus arizonicus
    As low as $45.13
  3. Arizona Poppy Kallstroemia grandiflora
    As low as $28.73
  4. Arrowleaf Balsamroot Balsamorhiza sagittata
    As low as $33.13
  5. Arroyo Lupine Lupinus succulentus
    As low as $17.63
  6. Aspen Daisy Erigeron speciosus
    As low as $79.95
  7. Baby Blue Eyes Nemophila menziesii
    As low as $27.48
  8. Baby Snapdragon Linaria maroccana
    As low as $13.79
  9. Baby’s Breath Gypsophila elegans
    As low as $5.90
  10. Bachelor Button Centaurea cyanus
    As low as $6.98
  11. Black-Eyed Susan Rudbeckia hirta
    As low as $17.50
  12. Bladderpod Peritoma arborea
    As low as $29.45
  13. Blanket Flower Gaillardia aristata
    As low as $16.89
  14. Blue Mountain Penstemon Penstemon rydbergii
    As low as $38.13
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Showing Items 1-15 of 134

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