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Bermudagrass Seed Blend

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Bermudagrass has long been the standard by which all other warm-season grasses are judged, and for good reason. Our Bermudagrass Seed Blend creates a high-quality lawn or sports turf that can handle the intense heat of the south while retaining its rich green color and dense growth habit. Perfect for home lawns, public spaces, and sports fields.

Product Specifications:

Seeding Rate: 4 lbs. / 1000ft²

100% Bermudagrass 'VSP Triple'

If you live in the South, you know your lawn needs drought-tolerant grass to survive the sunshine and high temperatures. The key to growing a healthy lawn that looks vibrant year-round is to plant grasses with exceptional heat and drought tolerance.

The Bermuda Grass Seed Blend by Nature’s Seed is the perfect choice for southern lawns, green spaces, and golf courses. It’s valued for its capacity to withstand heavy use and extended periods of heat without water.

Here are the most important things to know about Bermuda grass seed:

  • One of the most commonly resorted to warm-season grass seed types
  • Can thrive in the full sun
  • Both grass seed and plant require ample drainage
  • Impressive tolerance to heat, drought, traffic, as well as salt
  • Specific nutrient requirements for seed growth

Bermuda grass seed has long been the standard by which all other warm-region grasses are judged, and for a good reason. It outperforms common choices like fescue grass seed due to its superior properties.

close-up photo of green grass field

Our Bermuda Seed Blend can be used to create a high-quality lawn, sports turf, or sod that can handle the intense heat of the South while retaining its rich green color and dense growth. These characteristics make this grass seed the perfect choice for home lawns, public spaces, and sports fields.

Explore our grass seed blend line and get your southern lawn ready for the summer!


For residents of the southern United States, there are a few ‘must haves’ when considering lawn grass. It must be tolerant of the drought and limited irrigation conditions. It must be able to thrive in extremely hot summer conditions. It must resist disease and pest influence. And it must be able to recover quickly from heavy traffic, such as dog and foot traffic all the way to football field and golf course use. Luckily we have just the mix.

Our Bermuda Grass Seed Blend contains only 100% premium ‘golf-course’ grade Bermuda grass seeds, guaranteeing a medium to dark-green lawn or sports turf. Bermuda grass is a warm-season grass, meaning it’s greenest during the summer months while taking longer to green up in the springtime and going dormant in the fall and wintertime. It's important to note that because of its aggressive spreading habit, Bermuda grass may start creeping into unwanted areas. This can be controlled with regular edging, hand-rouging, or by applying an herbicide until the unwanted roots are killed.

Note that due to legal restrictions, Bermuda grass cannot be shipped to Utah, with the exception of Washington County.


What Makes Bermuda Seed the Top Choice for Warm Climates?

Bermuda grass seed loves the heat. Compared to the less tolerant fescue grass seed, many US lawn owners in warmer states rely on Bermuda grass seed for its exceptional resilience.

Considered an invasive species in Bermuda and other countries where it is not native, the seed is known to grow tall with grey-green, short flat leaves and an overall height between four to six inches.

Here are the main reasons why this grass seed type is so popular:


Optimal Heat, Humidity, and Drought Resistance

Native to tropical and subtropical regions, Bermuda grass seed showcases superior tolerance to heat and humidity. This is the reason it flourishes so well in areas with full, direct sun and humid climates.

It’s a warm-season perennial suitable for southern lawns from Virginia to the southern half of Colorado, Utah, and California — that’s why Bermuda grass seed is commonly grown in warm climates all over the US for lawns, pasture grass, and for golf greens.

green grass field

Both the above- and under-ground stems of Bermuda grass bear extensively networked rhizomes and stolons, which enable a dense turf while ensuring longer retention of nutrients and water. The deep root system, which can reach up to six feet in depth, is a big part of what makes this grass seed so resilient.

As long as you don’t expose it to extremes such as frost, Bermuda grass seed will remain an evergreen choice for most of the southern states. Additionally, planting Bermuda grass seed with cool-season grasses like ryegrass ensures good resilience against cooler temperatures during mild winters.

On the other hand, Bermuda grass seed is not cold resistant. So it’s not suitable for planting in northern temperate climates like ryegrass and other cold-season grasses are.


Able to Withstand High Traffic and Stress

Bermuda grass seed is one that you can rely upon for sustaining the most challenging extremes, including intense rains, heavy traffic, and regular wear and tear.

man playing golf under blue sky during daytime

A dense Bermuda grass seed lawn will recover quickly from damage and compaction, making it an excellent choice for golf courses, athletic fields, sports grounds, recreational parks, and high-traffic lawns. This is the reason why so many lawn owners plant grass seed right before summer starts.


High Growth Rate Means Faster Recuperation

Bermuda grass seed is known to be one of the fastest-growing warm-climate grasses. This is because the seed grows through both above- and underground stems (stolons and rhizomes, respectively).

While such swift growth means that Bermuda grass seed can become invasive, it also means that it has an impressive recovery rate and can endure tough usage.

An interesting feature of the plant is that it will keep growing even when the top foliage dies. This is because Bermuda grass is capable of growing steadily despite draining conditions.

No matter what the soil type — loamy, clay-like, sandy, or something else — you can expect the grass seed to grow steadily after planting due to its high tolerance for acidity, alkalinity, salt, traffic, and stress.

The only scenario where Bermuda grass seeds fail to live up to their potential for resilience is when forced to grow in an area with low light.


Germinates Quickly

Bermuda grass seed germinates within days under the right conditions. Other warm-season grasses take much longer.

However, if the conditions aren’t right, Bermuda grass seed can take up to three weeks to germinate, so it’s important to consider your sun, shade, and soil conditions when planning your project.

If you want to accelerate the germination process, plant the grass seed into moist soil on a warm day — air temperatures should be 60 degrees Fahrenheit or above. Also, ensure that you are frequently watering the seeds after planting to provide the moisture that the grass seed requires for faster development.


Grow a Lush New Lawn with Premium Quality Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass seed thrives in heat and humidity and grows most aggressively during the summer months. It’s a fantastic option if you’re looking for a warm-season blend that will yield a green lawn year-round in areas with mild winters.

Choose Nature's Seed premium quality Bermuda Grass Seed Blend when planning to revitalize your property. Order your grass seed today!

Contact us to learn more about Bermuda grass or to request a recommendation for your property.

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