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General Planting And Care Guides

Spreading fertilizer
Fertilizing New Grass Seeds and Lawn

In addition to water and sunlight, your new grass seed lawn requires soil nutrients for good growth. However, not every soil is ideal for providing adequate nutrition for germinating grass seeds, especially the low quality soils that typically surround new construction. Fertilizing at the right time of year is necessary for adding supplemental nutrients to help your grass maintain its optimum health and beauty.

Handful of seeds
How To Choose The Right Grass Seed

There are many elements that go into having a picture-perfect lawn. But no decision is more important than the first: choosing the right type of grass seedfor you. Where you live should be the primary feature that will tell you what kinds of species are suitable for planting in your area. Of those species, you can then choose the best one for you by matching the particular characteristics of each grass species with your unique lifestyle.

How To Prepare Soil For Grass Seed

An important step before planting your grass seeds is to prepare and grade the soil. No soil is perfect, especially the poor-draining, low quality sub-soils usually exposed by new construction. Taking the extra time and effort to improve your soil before seeding your grass seed lawn will reduce your water usage and save you money for years to come.

Puppy on grass
Is Dog Poop Good for Grass? | How to Grow Grass with Dogs

You’ve planted your lawn with high quality grass seeds. You’ve watered, fertilized, and mowed it till it looks nearly perfect—and then you start noticing the little “gifts” left behind by a beloved canine. You can hardly blame your pet for having to do its business, and may just be relieved that it’s not in the house! But how do you deal with this nuisance that man’s best friend can produce?

Clearing up dried leaves for winter
Cool Season Grass Lawn Fall Care and Winter Preparation

For everyone with cool season grass lawns, the fall may be the busiest time of year. Lawns are growing vigorously so regular maintenance is required, and you need to get the grass ready for winter before the first winter frost.

Planting grass seeds
Planting Grass Seed Guide

When choosing to install a new lawn, learning how to plant grass seed can be an excellent way to save money and ensure that your grass grows from outstanding, high quality seed stock.

Once you have made the choice to grow your lawn from seed, it will be important to grade and prepare the soil before you plant it. The time and effort involved to improve the soil before you seed it will reduce water usage and improve the health and appearance of your yard for years.

Handful of grass seeds
Advantages of Grass Seed Over Laying Sod

If you had to pick between establishing your new lawn with sod or grass seed,which would you choose? Sod has the obvious advantage of being “instant,” but seed has some advantages you may not know about.

Lawn and garden
Find the Right Balance of Grass Lawn and Landscaping

If you’ve ever tried to research the benefits of a grass seed lawn, you will quickly find that there is heated debate about its virtues. Some people are adamant that lawns are a waste of water and nutrients, often indirectly polluting the environment with the overload of fertilizers, herbicides, and other toxic materials that lawn owners frequently apply. Other people are just as sure that lawns help prevent erosion, influence cooler temperatures, and reduce water runoff, as well as give a priceless aesthetic quality to the area. So, who is right? The lawn lovers, or the lawn haters?

How to Read Soil Reports for Grass Lawns

The kind of soil that you plant your lawn in will determine the amount of nutrients that your lawn receives. That is why it’s so important to have soil tests done every three to five years. You want to be aware of what nutrients your lawn is lacking, and whether any nutrient has reached a toxic level. When you receive your first soil test report, it may seem like a confusing jumble of scientific abbreviations and numbers. But we have a few definitions below that will go a long way in helping you decipher the results. Here’s a breakdown of what you should expect and look for in your soil test report.

Lawn Aeration guide
The DIY Guide to Lawn Aeration: How and When to Aerate Your Yard

Many homeowners in the U.S. are handy with their lawns. They’re willing to put the time and effort into maintaining a lush, green front- and backyard. 81% are happy to DIY care for their lawns, and 68% feel confident in their lawn care knowledge. 

Lawn Aeration guide
A Comprehensive Guide To Grass Seed Fertilizer for Your Lawn and Garden

A well-maintained lawn or garden can have many benefits. It is suitable for the environment because it provides a healthy habitat for wildlife, reduces noise, and creates a cooling effect during hot summer days. Beautiful lawns or gardens are also simply lovely to look at. Exposure to the outdoors and greenery reduces stress and muscle tension, improves attention, and increases feelings of happiness.


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