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Wetland Restoration Blends

Wetland Restoration Blends

Wetlands are some of the most important ecosystems in the world. They’re home to plant and animal species found nowhere else. Wetlands also provide economic value, recreation opportunities and act as filters to remove pollutants from overland flows before they reach our lakes, rivers and bays.

Unfortunately our wetlands have been degraded, drained and altered over the decades to meet the needs of a growing population. With an increased understanding of the value these wetlands provide, an emphasis has been placed on restoring and reclaiming these lost habitats. The federal government also accords special priority to preserving healthy wetlands and rehabilitating disturbed riparian areas.

Our Wetland Restoration Blends have been designed to help in these restoration projects. They contain a variety of grasses, sedges, rushes and forbs that thrive it wet, riparian environments. Whether you’re restoring a former wetland or enhancing an existing one, our Wetland Restoration blends contain everything you need for a healthy, diverse riparian landscape. Also great for buffer zones along waterways and adding aesthetic value to water features.

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