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Our Specialty Seed Products

Specialty seed by region

Where do you want to grow?

Our team of experts have specially designed blends for each region of the United States. The following considerations were made during the design process for each regional mix:

  • Environmental elements such as soil conditions. sun/shade tolerances and heat tolerances.
  • Genetic attributes such as color. sod density and disease resistance.
  • Water requirements.


Ryegrass Seed Production map USA
Southwest TransitionalSouthwest DesertIntermountain WestPacific NorthwestPacific SouthwestGreat PlainsSouthwest SteppeGreat Lakes/New EnglandGreat Lakes/New EnglandGreat Lakes/New EnglandMidwest/Mid-AtlanticSouth Atlantic TransitionalSouthern SubtropicsSouthern SubtropicsFlorida Tropics

Specialty Seed


For help solving your most complex reclamation, revegetation, food plot and beautification challenges, look no further than our specialty seed blends.

Our specialty seed blends are truly special

Here at Nature’s Seed we’re committed to solving problems on your property and fulfilling your vegetation needs. These problems and needs come in many forms—whether your property is being degraded by erosion, a wetland needs to be restored, wildfire damage is trying to be avoided, or if you just want to improve the habitat and diet of your local wildlife—our specialty seed blends are the solution for you.

Like an artist’s palette or a handyman’s toolbox, nature has provided us a multitude of plant materials to work with—each with unique and valuable characteristics. Every grass, legume, wildflower and forb in our specialty seed blends has been researched and selected for its ability to perform a certain function within your property. Climate conditions, rainfall amounts and soil types have also been thoughtfully considered, and each specialty blend has been tailored to thrive in your particular area of the country.

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