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TWCA Water-Wise Northwest Mix

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Growing Region:
Full Sun to Full Shade
Germination Rate:





High Traffic Lawn
Sports Field
Water Conservation


Dark Green Medium Green Light Green

Medium Water
Native to US:


Life Form:


Product Specifications:

Seeding Rate: 8 lbs. / Acre

65% TWCA Perennial Ryegrass (2 Varieties)
15% TWCA Creeping Red Fescue
10% TWCA Chewings Fescue
10% TWCA Kentucky Bluegrass

The northwestern United States now has a grass seed mix to call its own. Introducing our specially formulated mix for western Oregon, Washington, and northern California, this combination contains a mixture of three premium perennial ryegrass seeds, creeping red fescue and elite-type Kentucky bluegrass. The fescue provide excellent shade tolerance and disease resistance while the perennial ryegrass takes advantage of the cool, moderate of the Northwest to reach its full potential. Throw in some of our ‘golf-grade’ Kentucky bluegrass and you’ve got one of the best lawn seed mixes you can get for the northwestern United States. This mix is great for use around homes, schools, and parks due to its resistance to heavy traffic. It also has a higher salt tolerance than other lawn grasses.

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