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Great Lakes/New England Dairy Cow Forage Blend

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Price From: $67.10
  • Product Specifications:

    Seeding Rate: 20 lbs. / Acre

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    Full Sun To Partial Shade
    Est Rate:



    6'' to 4'


    Food Plot



    Medium Water
    If you live in northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine, you need a pasture grass you can depend on to survive the cold, icy winters and the warm, humid summers. Our Great Lakes/New England dairy cow pasture blend has been designed to keep up with the demands of a productive dairy cow and ensure the highest milk production rates possible. This blend includes nutrient-dense grasses and legumes selected for their palatability, ensuring your cows spend as much time grazing as possible.

    This blend produces a pasture that will contain approximately:

    • 40% Perennial Ryegrass
    • 20% Meadow Brome
    • 20% Orchardgrass
    • 10% Alfalfa
    • 10% White Clover

    In an effort to help our customers visualize the finished product, note that the percentages listed above are what you can expect the stand to contain once established. For the contents of this seed blend by weight, please contact us to request a digital copy of the seed tag.

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