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South-Atlantic Transitional Pig Forage Mix

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Growing Region:
Full Sun to Partial Shade
Germination Rate:



0.5' - 6'


Food Plot

Medium Water
Native to US:


Life Form:


Product Specifications:

Seeding Rate: 20 lbs. / Acre

Our South Atlantic Transitional Pasture Pig Mix has been carefully chosen to adapt to the variable climate and soil conditions of the region. From the hot, humid climate of the South and the cooler temperatures of the North: northwestern Texas, eastern Oklahoma, Arkansas, northern Louisiana, northern Mississippi, southern Missouri, southern Illinois, Kentucky, southern Indiana, northern Alabama, northern Georgia, northwestern South Carolina, central and western North Carolina, northern and western Virginia, Tennessee, New Jersey, and the southern tip of Kansas.

This mix includes drought-tolerant warm-season grasses like orchardgrass and hybrid pearl millet, cool-season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass, timothy, and endophyte-free tall fescue, as well as legumes such as alfalfa and clover. These varieties are all included to provide nutritious, palatable, and reliable sources of forage for pasture pigs, while also helping to provide year-round healthy pastures. Forage chicory was added for its anti-parasitic qualities, and antioxidants, and for reducing the need for chemical dewormers. Birdsfoot trefoil was added to reduce bloating.

It’s an instinct and inclination for pigs to forage for food. Foraging fosters nutritional variety, environmental stimulation, and rooting instincts, as well as behavioral fulfillment and an outlet for their natural behavior. This mix produces a pasture that will contain approximately:

25% Orchardgrass

20% Kentucky Bluegrass

20% Alfalfa

10% Timothy

10% Hybrid Pearl Millet

5% White Clover

5% Forage Chicory

5% Birdsfoot Trefoil

In an effort to help our customers visualize the finished product, note that the percentages listed above are what you can expect the stand to contain once established. For the contents of this seed mix by weight, please contact us to request a digital copy of the seed tag.

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