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Common Vervain

Verbena lasiostachys
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Growing Region:
Full Sun
Germination Rate:



12" - 36"


Medium Blue Light Blue Medium Purple Light Purple White

Medium Water
Native to US:


Life Form:




Product Specifications:

Seeding Rate: 3 lbs. / Acre

Scientific Name: Verbena lasiostachys

Common vervain, also known as western vervain or purple-top vervain, is native to the western United States, from California to southern Oregon. It is named after its tall, jagged leaves and its dense, purple flower spikes, which bloom in the summer. This perennial herb grows to be about 1-3 feet tall and has a branching, upright habit. It is often found in moist, shady areas, such as stream banks and meadows. Common vervain is attractive to pollinators, and it is a popular choice for gardeners in the western United States looking to add a splash of color to their gardens. Especially beneficial to butterflies.

Host plant: white-lined sphinx, common buckeye, fine-line sallow, bilobed looper moth, Virginian tiger moth, and the verbena bud moth

Each wildflower seed packet contains approximately 100 seeds.

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