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Design Your Own Pinterest-Perfect Wildflower Escape

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Have you ever scrolled through Pinterest and saw a beautiful cottage nestled within a promising garden of wildflowers? I know I have. I always pin it to my “someday” board and keep scrolling. Enough with the “somedays!” Here’s how to welcome in the new year right; design you own Pinterest-perfect wildflower escape. Don’t know where to start? That’s what I’m here for. I have compiled a list of my personal favorites just for you:


Baby Snap Dragon

Baby Snap Dragon is a wildflower that blooms in several different vibrant colors. Our seed for the Baby Snap Dragon is relatively inexpensive, especially for how much of a heavy bloomer the Baby Snap Dragon is. The best part about this species is that it isn’t confined to a geographic location, it’s extremely adaptable for almost everywhere in the United States. This species rarely grows taller than two feet and does best in light, well-drained soil and full sun to partial shade. Don’t be afraid to plant a lot of this seed, it’s a dazzling flower.

Icelandic Poppy

Like the Baby Snap Dragon, the Icelandic Poppy blooms in several vibrant colors. This annual bloomer wakes up in the spring, which is a perfect reminder that after a cold winter, even the most delicate of creatures, such as a flower, can bloom once again (I just had to add some inspiration in there, we are talking about Pinterest after all.) This beautiful species grows up to be around 12 to 24 inches high. This flower is native to the artic regions, and is recommended for mountain wildflower plantings, meadows and hillsides. It would be a great ground-cover to accompany taller species, but remember it does require full sun and loose, well-drained soil. If it has too many taller neighbors, it won’t bloom to its full potential!

Mountain Lupine

Our next contender is the Mountain Lupine. This bold wildflower blooms in two colors; blue and purple. This seed is bound to turn some heads in your front yard (Take that, Janice!) This species requires little water and can handle full sunlight or shade, which makes it a lower-maintenance species. It blooms from June to October, and does well in most of the western United States (other than most of Arizona.) The Mountain Lupine thrives in foothills, subalpine, clearings, under trees, and on exposed moist ridges at high elevations.

Rocket Larkspur

The Rocket Larkspur excites my inner royalty. This seed is probably one of my favorites from our wildflower selection. Rocket Larkspur displays very showy pink, white, and blue flowers that bloom from spring to summer. This winter annual thrives in a wide range of soil conditions, which means it can grow in geographic locations all throughout the United States. This species can grow up to three feet tall, and like its name implies, it has a very upright “rocket-like” growth habit. This is a great flower for adding some height to your wildflower garden, and can handle part sun to full shade conditions.

Scarlet Flax

Up next is the Scarlet Flax. Two words: Sass-y. This species was introduced from Africa and Europe, and is a very adaptable annual that can be found throughout the United States. This stunning wildflower rarely grows above two feet tall. The Scarlet Flax can handle a wide variety of soil, water, and light conditions. Put the Scarlet Flax in with some Rocket Larkspur and you’ve got yourself a stunning pair. It makes a more visual impression when planted in mass.

That’s not all! Go check out our Wildflower Seed section to see all of the stunning species we have to offer here at Nature’s Seed. Thanks and I’ll see you next week!

Let’s get to growing,


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