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Plant a Saint Patrick's Day Garden

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Hello all,

As you all know, Saint Patrick’s Day is just a day away. Whether you celebrate the infamous “pinching” day or not, you could have some fun on March 17th and join in on the Irish celebration. In Ireland, it is a tradition to plant potatoes or peas on Saint Patrick’s Day. So why limit “going green” to just your outfit? Plant a Saint Patrick’s Day garden!

You might live in an area that still has snow on the ground, or maybe your soil is still too frozen to plant anything in. No worries! You can start your seeds in little containers and then transfer them once it is warmer.

If you decide to plant in a container, remember to decorate it beforehand!

 This is what you’ll need:

  • Good potting soil
  • The container you will plant in (make sure this container or flower pot has a drainage hole in it and is about a foot in diameter at the top.)
  • Seeds (either peas or potatoes, or both!)
  • Thin branches or wire to support your growing pea vines   


Let’s get started!

First, fill your flower pots about 2/3rds from the top. This will enable you to plant your seeds far enough down.

Then, push the seeds of your choice (of the same species) into the soil. Cover your seeds with an inch or two of soil. Don’t cover them too much, if the seeds are too deep sometimes they won’t sprout.   

Take your vine supports (thin branches or wire) and stick them upright into the soil. Put them somewhat close to the area you put your pea seeds, so the vines can find them when they sprout.

Put your flower pot in a sunny area.

Make sure to water your plant every few days and be careful to not over-water them (yes this is a thing.)

Let's get to growing, 


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