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Valentine's Day Ideas

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It is officially February!

Which means two things: it is no longer January (finally), and you have less than two weeks to get your significant other a special Valentine’s Day gift that you haven’t gotten them before. Whether you’re in a fairly new relationship or you’ve been married for 50 years, Valentine’s Day is always nerve wracking. Thankfully here at Nature’s Seed, we may have exactly what you’re looking for.


Wildflower Seed Packets

Original? Check. Unexpected? Done. Get your partner something unique for the day of love; Wildflower seed packets. If you’re quick, you can order some of these in time for Valentine’s Day. Here are a few ideas:


Baby Blue Eyes

An affordable seed that grows well in all regions of the United States, this flower prefers full sun and tolerates a wide range of soil types. It rarely gets over a foot tall. This flower is perfect for use in borders, containers, and wildflower mixes. 

California Blue Bell

The name of this flower fills my California heart, and it blooms beautifully too. It does well in the more western region of the United States. This flower prefers full sun in sandy, well-drained soils and can reach two feet in height. Its claim to fame is the brilliant, deep blue color of its delicate, bell-shaped flowers. 


Munro Globemallow

This flower’s red-orange color fits the Valentine’s Day theme perfectly. This flower is drought tolerant and prefers full sun to partial shade. It thrives along roadsides, sandy washes, abandoned, fields, or other exposed areas, so if you’re not great at gardening, have no fear.


Owl’s Clover

This seed screams ‘Valentine’s Day.’ A bright and eye catching bloomer, this seed is great for our California, Nevada and Arizona customers. Owl’s Clover can reach 16 inches tall and produces tufts of rose colored flowers from March through May. It prefers sandy, well-drained soils and full sun. It would do great in a meadow-type area or a rock garden.


Those are just a few ideas, but make sure to go see for yourself under the Wildflower Seed tab! Check out all of the wildflower species we have to offer, each as unique or ordinary as you’d like. Each of our wildflower packets comes with approximately 100 seeds.

For more Valentine’s Day ideas, venture over to our Pinterest board labeled “Valentine’s Day.”


Let’s get to growing,


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