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Bermuda Grass Seed - Best Lawn Seed for Sunny Yards

Sunny day on a lawn

Bermudagrass seed is a warm-season variety that produces thick, lush lawns, which are very hardy and surprisingly drought tolerant. But like Buffalograss, the one thing that Bermuda grass seed lawns require in order to thrive is sunlight.

Constant direct sunlight will keep your Bermudagrass lawn as thick as possible. It is hard to bypass this requirement, as even the amount of direct sunlight will affect your lawn’s growth. Therefore, areas in full or even partial shade will begin to look sparse compared to the areas that have had more hours in the sun.

If the number of shady areas is minimal, and you are willing to give more attention to those areas by extra overseeding, you can still maintain the consistent appearance you desire for your Bermudagrass seed lawn. If the shady areas are more problematic, you could also consider removing the shrubbery or trees that are creating larger shady spots. However, if the majority of your lawn does not receive direct sunlight, then Bermudagrass seeds would not be a good choice for your needs. For an overview on how to choose the right type of grass seed for your particular lawn environment, we have several helpful guides to choose from. You can find these grass seed guides here [link], or simply use the tabs on top of this page to navigate.

If you’ve decided that you would like to plant your new lawn with Bermuda grass seed, you can find a list of our grass products containing Bermuda grass seed here. Our Bermudagrass Seed Blend contains 100% Bermuda grass seed. It will need less watering than other lawns, have a better tolerance for high temperatures, and be more able to resist disease. Enjoy a beautiful, sunny Bermudagrass seed lawn.

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